What is Project ECHO?

Do you want to learn more about the transplant process?

Go on a DATE with NYKidney DATE (dialysis and transplant echo) TeleECHO Clinic every other week for 5 sessions.   Join our expert Hub, as well as Transplant and Dialysis centers for an interactive all teach all learn new case based approach to learning.  Discover the benefits of ECHO and ZOOM; use technology to share knowledge.  Register for our ECHO below and view the session schedules on our calendar.


DATE TeleECHO Session Schedule  

Session 1:  Orientation to ECHO and Mythbusting: An interactive Dialogue for overcoming Disparity  

1) Characterize the biases and referral disparities in the ESRD population, including age, race, and individuals with intellectual/developmental disability, and varying health literacy. 2) Understand the social behavioral determinants of health that contribute to bias 3) Learn strategies to mitigate bias 


Session 2: Help me or Hurt me: What are the Benefits and Risks of Transplant vs Dialysis?

 1) Understand long term outcomes on dialysis vs transplant 2) Characterize risks associated with dialysis vs transplant 3) Understand aspects of quality of life 


Session 3:  Will I Pass the Test?  The Evaluation Process. 

1) Understand what the evaluation process for transplant eligibility entails 


Session 4:  Hate to Wait!  How the wait list works. 

1) Understand the time period from listing to transplantation 


Session 5:  Wanted: Dead or Alive!  What are my Donor Options? 

1) Characterize differ options for transplantation 2) Understand the pros and cons of having a living donor vs waiting for a deceased donor 3) Living donor risks/recovery 

ECHO University

University Schedule (Upon completion of the DATE Series)

Jan 15-Transplant in the Obese Patient

Feb 12-HIV and Kidney Transplant

March 11-HCV and Kidney Transplant

April 8-Successfully utilizing non ideal donor

May 13-Alcohol and Drug use by the potential recipient

June 10-Responsibilities of the patient post transplant

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